Plain Concrete & Plain Concrete with Stencil Edging

Plain concrete is a great way to get the job done and create a functional space for entertaining, driveways or paths. Stencil edging is used to add interest to plain concrete, and is also available are diamonds, circles, compasses and logos. For a fuller coloured effect or stencilled design you can also look at our works with Stencil Concrete.

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East Brisbane – Plain Concrete and Seeded Exposed Bands yard overhaul

Plain concrete with black 20mm seeded stone bands for a different, rustic look. This job also included paver bands for new established garden beds, turf laid and rolled, and post brackets are installed ready for the front fence.

Fig Tree Pocket – 43 Plain Stepping Stone Slabs

We’ve been working on something different in Fig Tree Pocket. 43 stepping stone pads incorporated into the new driveway, which will be planted with herb gardens. Sleeper walls, under turf soil, start-up fertiliser, and Sir Walter Turf to be supplied and laid. The owner and the team love the outcome and we can’t wait to see the finished project!

Brookfield Stables

There was no horsing around on this job! Our team created a nonslip finish on this plain concrete slab for a horse stable in Brookfield.

Jamboree Heights 70s Driveway Replacement

Lots of preparation was involved to reach this outstanding result in Jamboree Heights!  We removed over 30 cubic metres of soil, replaced three 75 x 75 steel posts, drainage, tree lopping, new waterline to the house. The results speak for themselves, well done boys on a great outcome!

Kenmore – Plain Pathways with railings and more!

Another big job in Kenmore for some regular customers, a fantastic effort from the boys and an outstanding outcome. Turning a goat track into a well-established and great access pathway, with hand rails both sides of the property, drainage, fencing, sleeper walls, garden landscaping, cleaning mould and mildew from the rest of the area of the house, and the list goes on. All on a very difficult site. Customers are thrilled with the outcome.

Jamboree Heights Rental Additions – Stairs, Pathways and Slab

New plain concrete stairs, pathways and slab, with handrails, pest control, off on air conditioning and hot water. All make a great improvement to this rental property in Jamboree Heights.

Tanah Merah – Plain Concrete Driveway

What a pleasure it was to work for Leighann on this project. After 30 plus years of working together on different projects, it was great to be able to help them out with a plan concrete driveway. Thanks for the work and all the referrals you have given me over the years.

Riverhills – Plain Entertaining and Backyard update

We had a new site supervisor join us on this week’s job in Riverhills, the dog next door Roy kept an eye on us as we worked each day. This yard transformation involved 130 square meters of concrete, pest control barrier, new gates and 120 square meters of turf. Check out the last photos to see the before shots, a great transformation!

Sunnybank – Under house slab and block walls

Great to be under cover from the rain on this job. Under house slab and block walls, drainage and new steel posts, are just some of the job completed at this home.

Forest Lake – Plain Concrete Driveway

A new plain driveway to freshen up the front of this home in Forest Lake! As always, we washed down and sealed the driveway to finish the job.

Oxley – New Paths and Patio

Plain paths for this home in Oxley to create more usable space under the veranda. Plus, we washed down their existing concrete carport and driveway to freshen up the old concrete to match the new.

Riverhills – Plain Concrete Patio and Turf

A new plain patio and turf for this home in Riverhills! The perfect entertaining space and backyard upgrade for the both the owners and their dog to enjoy.

Stencil Designs

Some examples of designs we have used on previous projects. For a fuller coloured effect or stencilled design you can also look at our works with Stencil Concrete.

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