Preparation and Excavation

Find out more about the preparation that goes into your job below.


Different sites will vary from job to job, depending on access availability. A bobcat 8-ton excavator and 10-ton tipper perform excavation. Other machinery is available on request with all attachments that are required. In most scenarios most concrete is 100mm thick with RF 72 reinforcement mesh. Sand to go under slab if required to form a consistent base. We also do boxing, which can be done in all different shapes and sizes.

Plastic Membrane

Plastic membrane is used for internal use to stop rising moisture. It is also used to stop over spray of covertex products when stencilling to protect walls, doors and windows and other surfaces if required.

Tool Joints

Are either tool jointed with every second bar of steel cut to form a weak point in the slab so that when the earth moves it will crack along the weak point.

Concrete Saw Joint Cutting

Cut with a diamond tip concrete saw to a depth of approx. 10-20 mm in depth to create a weak point in the slab.

Bar Chairs

Is a plastic moulding that suspends the steel off the ground to hold the steel in the correct position.

White Ant/Termite Protection

This can be organised through Terry using the “White Ant Man” who is situated in Macgregor.


Is a sponge, foam component that is stuck to the walls, pillars and posts when required to form expansion and contraction when the earth moves from extended periods of drought or with rising moisture.

Kerb Cutting

Can be performed by Terry Achilles Concreting and is available on request.

Concrete Pumping

Is available when jobs have limited access and can be arranged through “All Type Concrete Pumping” – From line pumps to boom pumps.


Dowling is drilling a hole in old existing concrete to new concrete to stop the separation of two slabs.


Can be arranged. Quoted as per plan.


Can be performed at a lineal metre costing with all types of drains available.

Acid Washing, Cleaning & Sealing

Can be arranged at an additional cost.

What are the advantages of Acid Washing, Cleaning and Sealing?

  • Holding the colour pigment in the concrete and prevents fading (with stencil concrete)
  • It gives the concrete a wet look finish for a period of time
  • Can prevent staining in most cases

Paver Edging

Can be performed with either a running bond or a solider course, which are grouted and sealed. Also diamonds and circles are available.

Conduits and Storm Water Pipes, Sprinkler systems and electrical work.

These can be arranged at time of excavation to be put into place prior to pouring on concrete slabs.

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