Seeded Exposed Concrete

Seeded exposed concrete is 90% of the time a round river stone with a huge variety of stones available at the customers request. Most stones can be seeded into concrete surfaces, depending on size of stones.

We recommend sealing and acid washing all seeded exposed concrete for a longer lasting finish.

A company that we use and recommend is “The Stone Merchants” at Darra. Phone: (07) 3375 3877 and tell them Terry sent you.

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Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Glow in the dark seeded aggregate mix paths which light up during the night to lead guests to the outdoor movie theatre.

Chelmer Seeded Exposed Paths with Paver Features

We used 10mm Coffs Harbour Stone with paver features and edging. These are simple elements that come together to create a great design.

Kenmore Seeded Concrete and Coloured Concrete Driveway

Revamping existing driveway. Replacing parts of the driveway where timber was inserted with Seeded Exposed Concrete. Resurfacing existing concrete with coloured covercrete.

Karalee Seeded Concrete with Paving Details

10mm Bronze Seeded Exposed with black paver bands and diamonds to match the existing roof colour.

Hamilton Driveway and Paths Update

Three different stones of the owner’s choice mixed together to create something different for their property.

Seeded Aggregate Examples

Examples of the different types of Seeded Aggregate and their finishes.

Find more examples of our work on our Facebook Page: Achilles Concrete