Coloured Concrete

Coloured concrete is a great way to create a high impact concrete look.

It can be performed one of two ways:

  • As a full depth colour where the colour is mixed through the entire concrete load or;
  • Sprayed on the top of the surface only, as a block colour or in a stencilled pattern. This is a cheaper alternative to full depth colour

Coloured concrete will require some maintenance to keep the colour looking new.

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Quick Concrete Refresh

Cover tex stencil concrete. Starting with an acid washed clean to prep the surface. Then sprayed a charcoal base coat and finished with a cobblestone pattern.

Coloured and Exposed Concrete – Night Sky Driveway

Combining full depth colour and exposed “Night Sky” aggregate to make this full depth black colour exposed concrete. This has created a fantastic result and a high impact look for this property.

Kenmore Retirement Village

Full depth coloured concrete. First coloured concrete was poured and then we used saw cutting to create the pattern.