Achilles Concrete has completed several large-scale acreage concreting jobs around the Brookfield, Pullenvale and Kenmore Hills area on large residential blocks. A list of previous project addresses can be provided upon request.

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Anstead Large-Scale Acreage Concrete Driveway

460 meters of exposed concrete on acreage to create better accessibility and improve first impressions of the property.

Laidley Concrete Private Road

Owner cut the top of the mountain off for his house slab. House was completed but first rain made dirt roads unusable.

550 square meters of exposed concrete driveway and paths with 1100 square meters of concrete roadway. Then finished with 660 square meters of turf supplier and laid.

Mount Crosby 680 Square Meter Driveway

It’s been our pleasure to transform this acreage property, with over 680 square metres of Ocean Floor Exposed Aggregate Concrete. The difference to the property is unbelievable not to mention the value it has also added. The clients couldn’t be happier after many years of dust and mud.

Upper Brookfield Large Scale Acreage Concrete Driveway

A long plain concrete driveway to improve accessibility on this property in Upper Brookfield. Lots of prep work was involved in this project to ensure the full length would due to the length of the driveway, but all worth it for this great final result.

Forest Lake Stencilling

Stencil concrete as main feature in turning bay, plain concrete with stencil edging to cut costs because of size of job. Using the same colours for continuity.

Grandview Road, Pullenvale

Exposed Aggregate Driveway, rock wall and turning bay at the front of the house.

Moons Lane, Brookfield

480 square meters of seeded exposed 10mm Bronze stone driveway. Acid washed cleaned and sealed with saw joints.


Boral Multigrain Exposed driveway, saw cut, acid washed cleaned and sealed


350 square meters plain concrete broom finish.

Grandview Road, Pullenvale

Road repair for private property body corporate work

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